I live in the Madison, WI area, and do 2D painting/drawing/mixed media work in my home studio, primarily watercolor and ink painting with collage elements, and digital illustration also incorporating watercolor.

(When not making art, I work as a freelance editor, read a lot, write, game, spend too much time on the Internet, and play with my cats.)

If you have questions about my work, buying a piece or a print, or commissioning a piece, please feel free to email me at info@tahliaday.com.

I have a sporadically updated Instagram. You can buy originals, prints, and cards from me on Etsy, and I’m experimenting with other items featuring my art such as mugs and journals on Redbubble

Several of my paintings serve as incidental art on the website for the (excellent) SF/fantasy magazine Strange Horizons. I’ve also helped run the art show at Madison’s feminist SF/F convention WisCon since 2014, and usually have some work in it. 

In Madison you can find my work here:

Hatch Art House
1248 Williamson Street
Madison, WI 53703

I have a varying supply of Charted Unterritories prints and cards in stock there as well. (Illustration prints are only available on Etsy/from me.)